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Yes, you may use these photos on your webiste and/or printed materials. We only ask that you do keep our web address on the photo and if posted on a website, link back to our site. If you would like larger versions of these photos, please contact us.

We have hundreds of logging and timber land related photos and hours of video available. Our goal is to promote safe, clean logging practices through our photos, videos, web site, articles, seminars, and actions. Thank you for your consideration

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loading log truck in woods east texas
Loading log truck in east texas
loading logging trucks east texas
Loading timber in east texas
typical work site in log woods timber
Clean work site - timber camp
james taylor loading logs on knuckle boom
Loading with knuckle boom loader
knuckle boom loader techniques
Knuckle boom loader and trailer
skidder and log hauler 18 wheeler diesel
Skidder and log truck
loading logs on 18 wheeler with grapples
Loading trees in sulphur springs
dropping a log onto the pile with boom loader
Dropping log onto trailer in texas
boom loader lifting log high in the air
How high can you lift that log???
another log loaded in oklahoma
Another log loaded safely
clean logging worksite timber camp in texas
Clean loading area in pittsburg texas
double log grab texas timber jacks
Double log loading in oklahoma
two logs loaded sulphur springs tx
Two at a time again boys!
pittsburg texas loggers cutters timber
Quick, safe loading by professionals
stack of timber in oklahoma
Stack of timber in oklahoma

Bumble Bee on the loose!!!

Loading logs with knuckle boom loader

Skidder pulling a log

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